How it works ?

After installing BulkRiver software in your windows based desktop / laptop. You can set custom messages of your choice. Bulkriver will start sending the messages automatically to everyone in your whatsapp contact list.

Is it better than Broadcast?
Yes! You can not broadcast to anyone who dont have you as a contact. Bulk River sends individual direct messages, This is very effective for marketing agencies, event management teams, companies & etc.

Is it better than Group Message?
Yes! Not everyone likes to show their mobile number to other participants of group. Bulk River sends individual direct messages to everyone in your contact list.

Who can use Bulk River?
Anyone who has the valid key can use the Bulk River application. You can obtain your key through "Pay and download" form in Once you get your key you can start sending your messages to everyone in your whatsapp contact list.

Bulk River
Bulk River is a messaging application which allows you to send messages automatically to your contacts list by using whatsapp mobile application from your your mobile.

Create messages and Send to all AUTOMATICALLY with TIME INTERVAL

Bulk River will automatically fetch all contacts from users' phone address book and send the messages to them. We can set upto 10 custom messages, and Bulk River will take random messages.

Installation Steps

Minimum Requirements

:    Firefox (Below version 41.0)
:    .Net Framework Client Profile
:    Windows
:    Minimum 512 Mb RAM

Please don't send messages to unknown contacts

Supports all Mobile OS with QR code scan

Pay and download

  • Software is sold as it is. Our tool works with current whatsapp.
  • If Whatsapp changes its code / interface / ui . Then we try our best to upgrade our tool with new fixes.
  • New fixes will be released for 1 year for free every month.
  • To get future updates after 12 months, customers have to pay annual maintenance fee of $150 / Year.
  • We provide no warranty for the software as it is fully depends on whatsapp's ui changes.
   I agree to the Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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